"one stop services in the investments colsuting"

Mainline of Business :

BUSINESS SERVICE DIV.: Immigration Matters : Stay & Work Permit Licencies
Company Registration : Foreign Investment (PMA) Representative office.
Joint Venture, Local Company, Nuisance (HO/UUG)
Tax Practice and Planning,Accounting system Services, Business Consultant,
LAW FIRM DIV,: Notarial Deed, Trademark, Patent, Copyright...


Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

About Us.......

The everlasting world trade and its developing that relevant with legitimate law expression which reliable is our commitment Mitra Business Indonesia (MBI) in answering the challenge and to welcoming the globalization era especially to give information in the investment matters.

To increase the credibility in servicing for both the domestic and foreign investors in formalizing legalities document and to ensure the legitimate of investment affairs, the government have undertaken prudential ways in these sectors by remaking the regulation relates to the investment.

"MBI is your partner to overcome this matter"

We understand that you do not have enough time to take care by yourself all of your duties at a time. Therefore, we are there to assist you to overcome your problems in investment affairs.

We are there to help you with our professionalism and responsibility.

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